Why Must Your Bespoke Kitchen Have a Quooker Tap?

Your bespoke kitchen should have appliances that will make your life easy and look great in the process. People who love to include a smart bespoke kitchen in their house never stop trying the latest technologies. A Quooker Tap is one of these modern appliances that every bespoke kitchen must have.

What is a Quooker Tap?

This is an instant-boiling water tap that can fulfil your need for boiling water in the kitchen any time you want. They are just the right choice for instant boiling water when you do not want to use the electric kettle or put a pan on the stove.

These taps are a smart and handy way to get instant boiling water in the kitchen to meet your needs.

Top Advantages of Having Quooker Taps

Instant Boiling Water

The main advantage of installing a Quooker Tap is you can get instant boiling water in your kitchen anytime you want it. You do not need to use your kettle. You can get boiling water more quickly and easily than the traditional technique of using kettles or a pan to heat the water.


You can get either 3 litres or 7 litres of water from your tap, whenever you need it. Just hold your mug or pan under the tap and fill it up as per your requirements. The tap will provide you with the exact amount of water you need. So, it is a more convenient option for getting boiling water. You can even get sparkling water straight from your tap!

Water Efficiency

This tap saves water by giving you the exact quantity of hot water. Hence, you can keep water efficiency intact in your kitchen as a responsible human being. You can use the boiling water for washing dishes or drinking.


When you install a specific appliance in your bespoke kitchen, you must consider the matter of safety of your family. These taps come with child-safety features. Childproof handles and insulated sides – you can ensure complete safety for your kids when you have an advanced Quooker Tap.

Easy to Install

The modern Quooker Taps supplied by Aqua Sensation are easy to install. They are energy-efficient and water-efficient too. The high-vacuum tank can be installed in a kitchen cupboard for easy and convenient use. The tap is attached to this tank to provide you with instant hot water.

For more details about this tap, you can get in touch with our experts. At Aqua Sensation, we offer fully insured and safe service to our clients. Check out our Quooker taps on display in Hertfordshire, UK and choose the right one for your bespoke kitchen.

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