Avoid Dry And Itchy Skin With Water Softeners In Hertfordshire

Winter is often characterised by dry and itchy skin. An easy way to escape the harsh winter season is by installing a space heater or grabbing an extra blanket. You can even consider installing a water softener if you don’t want the rough winter to take a toll on your skin by making it dry and itchy.

With a drop in temperature, humidity also reduces and our skin becomes red, dry and itchy. The hard water from the tap is filled with minerals, leading to various dry skin problems. You can avoid those by getting in touch with a local water softener supplier like Aqua Sensation. Our water softener experts will happily provide you with a free quotation for a new water softener or boiling water tap. They will also let you know the various benefits you can enjoy by installing one during winter.

What Do You Mean By Hard Water?

In some areas of the country, there are high levels of hard water. Hard water is caused by high mineral content in water; generally calcium and magnesium. This hardness is due to groundwater that flows over or through limestone. Hard water isn’t a health risk, but it can be a nuisance. Consider installing water softeners in Hertfordshire, UK if you notice reddish-brown stains on clothes or the soap is not lathering. The right water treatment equipment will ensure that you don’t have to worry about fading clothes or clogged plumbing systems.

How Does Hard Water Dry Out Your Skin?

Hard water can dry out your skin as it has a negative charge and the minerals present in hard water have a positive charge. So, minerals cling to your skin and getting rid of them becomes challenging. Eventually, minerals accumulate on your skin, clog the pores and dry it out. Hard water reduces the impact of soaps and shampoos and worsens the dryness. They will flake off and look like dandruff if you scratch your skin.

Combat Winter Dryness By Treating Hard Water

Dry skin is a very serious issue as you have to spend a lot of money on creams and lotions. Installing a water softener is always considered to be a better alternative. The right water treatment equipment will prevent your skin from drying out this winter. Hard water has various chemicals and minerals which can damage your skin and make it more vulnerable to the harsh effects of winter. Hard water or chlorinated water can even lead to winter itch. You can protect your skin from its side effects by getting in touch with the experts at Aqua Sensation and installing a water softener.

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