A Detailed Overview of the Purpose of Water Softener Salt

A Detailed Overview of the Purpose of Water Softener Salt

A vital element of the water softener system is salt. And the water softener salt is primarily used for softening the hard water. The hard water contains high amounts of minerals, which are proven to be harmful to household appliances, pipes, and plumbing equipment. Moreover, there have been some speculations on the adverse effect of hard water on our health as well. By procuring good quality water softener salt in Bedfordshire UK, you will be able to remove the hardness of water, thereby eliminating the minerals from it.

How to identify the need for water softener salt

First, you must find out whether the water is soft or hard. In some places, the water is known for its higher concentration of minerals. By getting water tested with the help of professionals, you will be able to find out the same. Some of the signs which indicate you need water softener salt are hard stains in the bathtub or shower, cloudiness in the tap water, and decreased efficiency of the washing machine, dishwasher, and other household appliances.

How is the salt used for water softening?

The hard water gets softened in the resin tank, where the ion exchange is removing all the hardness ions like calcium and magnesium. And it occurs when all the hardness ions are being exchanged for the sodium ions after the water softener salt is added to it. Then, the resin beads in resin tank are saturated with the hardness ions, and when they aren’t regenerated, they stop working.

In the regeneration cycle, the salt ions are being pumped through resin threads in the brine tank. And to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of sodium ions in the tank, you must pour a substantial amount of salt into it.

How much is water softener salt required for your home?

A water softener expert can give the best answer to this question. Depending on the water usage in your home, he will guide you about the quantity of salt required. Usually, a family of 4 people will require an average of 300 litres per day. But the amount of salt required mostly depends on the hardness of water and softening system.

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