Why fit a water softener?

Why fit a water softener?

Hard Water vs Soft Water

If you live in a hard water area, you’ll know it because of the lime-scale deposits that are left behind – just look inside your kettle! A water softener extracts the hard minerals from hard water. It is ideally plumbed close to your incoming mains water and when you use water it passes through the softener, which provides truly softened water.

Cheaper bills

Softened water reduces your bills by increasing your boiler efficiency. You will also find you purchase fewer cleaning products.

Better tasting tea

Softened water removes residue on top of your tea, making it taste better.

Shinier home

Softened water won’t leave limescale residue on your surfaces, leaving your home shinier for longer.

Softer skin and hair

Softened water helps remove soap residue, leaving you with beautifully soft skin and hair.

Less time cleaning

Softened water doesn’t leave limescale residue. You will spend less time cleaning around your home.

Eco friendly

Smart Water Softeners mean less impact on the environment.

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Family run business

Terry and his son James have been fitting water softeners for a number of years. In fact, Terry first fitted water softeners in 2001. Prior to starting Aqua Sensation, Terry was a plumber and heating engineer for over 30 years.

It's that family run mentality that enables Aqua Sensation to offer unrivalled customer service, taking great pride in all they do.

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Built from experience

Terry says: "After experiencing the damage of hard water and seeing the benefits of soft water, I started to install water Softeners in 2001.

I pride myself on providing a professional and friendly service to all of my customers; you will hear the same voice on the phone and the same face at the door. I will happily visit your home and discuss your water softening and filter needs."


Providing you with better water

Hard water is known to somewhat problematic in the Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire area in particular. Soft water is proven to have a number of benefits, such as softer skin and hair, cleaner sinks/taps/bathrooms, cheaper bills (particularly concerning your boiler and cleaning products) and last but by no means least, tastier cups of tea!

Not only that, water softeners are shown to lessen symptoms of eczema in a number of our customers which is simply amazing to see.

Unrivalled water softeners and boiling water taps

We are approved installers of high quality water softeners and boiling water taps in the Beds & Herts area.

This means that the suppliers allow us to supply their products in the areas which we cover, meaning you get a quality, friendly service from a familiar face. We also offer a competitive warranty which varies depending on the product/manufacturer. Please ask us for further details on this.

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We are approved suppliers of high quality water treatment services

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