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The Harvey Minimax Innova softener is...

Soft water when you need it


The Minimax Innova's smart water softener technology means that unlike a conventional softener, which is programmed to re-generate at night, the Harvey Minimax Innova Block Salt Softener re-generates on demand.

Designed for ease of use


It uses blocks of salt rather than conventional salt tablets. These are supplied in packs of two. Weighing just 2.15kg each, they are popular with customers that do not want to lift and pour heavy bags of tablet salt into the softener.

Requires no electricity


The Harvey Minimax Innova Block Salt Softener requires no electricity and is powered by water pressure.

Harvey Minimax Innova Water Softeners


Minimax introduces the next generation in water softeners with its improved design,
eco-features and robust testing.

The new cutting edge Minimax Innova Water Softener is designed and manufactured in Britain, specifically for our plumbing systems. With its twin cylinder design you can enjoy softened water 24/7.

Only available through trusted dealers, Aqua Sensation, your Minimax dealer, is expertly placed to give you the best advice for your home and needs. And with the 10 years parts warranty, you have the confidence it’s a product built to last

The Minimax Innova is compact enough to fit under your sink, perfect for everyday home use. Using a unique twin cylinder design, the twin cylinders work together to supply your home with softened water 24/7. The Minimax Innova is non-electric and only regenerates when necessary, saving energy
and lowering running costs. Rigorously tested to over 1 million cycles
at our factory, you have the confidence it is the most reliable water
softener on the market.

How it works

It is a simple process that works through ion exchange. Both cylinders are filled with resin that traps the calcium and magnesium hardness minerals allowing softened water to enter your home. Regeneration process When one cylinder has reached its full capacity it will then shut off to do a quick cleaning process which takes only 11 minutes, but do not fear the second cylinder will still be serving your home so there is never a break in the system. Leaving you with softened water 24/7. That is the beauty of the twin cylinder design. The whole process is powered by your own water pressure.

Harvey Water Softeners

Harvey Water Softeners are the largest water softener manufacturer in Europe. They design and build thousands of domestic water softeners in their purpose built factory in Old Woking, Surrey every year. Over the past few years they've implemented huge changes in their manufacturing process, thanks to a multi-million pound investment programme. They're using the latest technology to make big innovations in their production process, and have big plans for the future too.

What's their secret? The truth is simple. They take the time to listen and educate. They understand the UK market and what you, as a customer, want from their product. Their revolutionary water softeners are industry leaders across the UK and Europe, designed in their purpose built factory in Old Woking, Surrey.

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