Replace the EcoWater Softener in Your House at the Right Time

Replace the EcoWater Softener in Your House at the Right Time

You can get rid of excess magnesium and calcium from drinking water by installing an EcoWater softener on your property. If you want to make the most out of the water treatment plant, not only should you approach a reliable supplier in Bedfordshire but also understand how they work. Though you don’t have to worry about the performance of the water softener you have recently installed, issues might crop up over time and you may have to replace the system. A properly functioning water softener will help you optimise the water system in your house.

Understand the Durability of Water Softeners

Get in touch with a reputable EcoWater softener supplier in Bedfordshire, UK and you can expect the softener to last for around 8 to 12 years. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to ensure that these get sufficient care and maintenance at fixed intervals. As far as the durability of water softeners is concerned, it depends on how frequently you clean them and the cleaning solution you are using.

Some other factors that determine water softeners’ durability are the quantity and quality of the water you are treating. Water conditions vary greatly in different areas of the UK. The lifespan of a water treatment system also depends on the number of family members in a house. You can expect the system’s lifespan to reduce if there are high iron and chlorine levels.

Clean The Water Softener At The Right Time

If you want to make the most out of the EcoWater softener installed on your property, make sure you clean it at fixed intervals. This will help in optimising the system and make it last longer. Most systems last for 10-12 years. You can expect its effectiveness to reduce after it has offered 12 years of performance. It will require more salt to render the desired results. If you are moving into a new home, note when the water softener was installed and you will get an idea of when you should replace it. It is also advisable to replace the water treatment system if you frequently have to replenish it with salt or if there is less water pressure in your home.

More Signs Indicating That You Should Replace Your Water Softener

• Yellowish or reddish stains around faucets and drains

• Build-up of scale inside water appliances

• Build-up of a white crust on faucets

• Faded colour of clothes

• Reduced water pressure in the taps

Since you are now aware of the common signs indicating that you should replace the water softener installed in your house, get in touch with the experts at Aqua Sensation.

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