Kinetico block salt: effective solution for water softening

Kinetico block salt
Are you looking for an eco-friendly way of softening water? Hard water poses numerous challenges in households and for businesses. Kinetico block salt is a specially designed product that’s important for water softening systems.

What is Kinetico block salt?

Kinetico block salt is a type of salt specifically formulated for use in water softening systems. It consists of compressed blocks made from high-purity salt crystals. The blocks are compact and pre-portioned, making them convenient and easy to handle.

Composition and functionality

The composition of Kinetico Block Salt is vital to its effectiveness in water softening. It is made from 99.9% pure salt, free from additives or chemicals that could potentially harm the water softener or contaminate the water supply. The salt blocks are designed to dissolve gradually, ensuring a consistent salt supply for the regeneration process.

The water-softening process

  • Water softening is a process that involves the removal of hard minerals, like calcium and magnesium, from the water supply.
  • Kinetico Block Salt facilitates this process by working in tandem with a water softener system, usually using an ion exchange resin.
  • When hard water flows into the water softener, it passes through a resin bed containing tiny resin beads with a negative charge.
  • The hard minerals in the water, which carry a positive charge, attract the resin beads and cling to them.
  • This exchange effectively removes the hardness-causing minerals from the water.

Regeneration cycle:

Over time, the resin bed becomes saturated with its collected hard minerals, reducing its ability to soften water effectively. This is where Kinetico block salt comes into play. During the regeneration cycle, the water softener flushes the resin bed with a saltwater solution created by dissolving Kinetico block salt in water. As the saltwater passes through the resin bed, it replaces the hard minerals on the resin beads. The high concentration of sodium ions in the saltwater solution allows the resin beads to regain their negative charge, ensuring they are ready for the next cycle of water softening. The excess hard minerals, along with the saltwater solution, are flushed out of the system, leaving the resin bed clean and ready for further water softening. Kinetico block salt is a crucial component in the water softening process. Aqua Sensation offers block salt for water softening. Visit our website to learn more about our products today.