Modern Styling

To suit the majority of modern sinks/kitchens

Fixed Sanitip

No more cracked plastic ends

Retained Spout

Retained by threaded cap and circlip, not just screwed into body

Plastic Internals

Combined with alloy body and brass stud and spout helps reduce cost and lower lead content

‘O’ ring base seal

No unsightly black washers

Long lever

Easy for the elderly, children or arthritis sufferers

7” spout

Not too long, not too short. Will still reach the sink from worktop but not overly long so that it’s in the way. High enough for kettles and carafes but not too high that it overpowers existing tap

Ceramic disc Valve

For easy, smooth operation and greater reliability. Can also be easily cleaned or replaced in situ

3” or 4” Stud

With the popular pushfit tail. Simply use large or small lower body to adjust length

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