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Soft water when you need it

EcoWater’s unique smart water softener technology controls all-day every-day. It adapts to your water usage for lower running costs and longer life.


One of the world’s largest manufacturers

EcoWater Systems has been at the forefront of water softener innovation, quality and superior reliability for over 90 years.


Up to 50% less running costs than a basic block salt system

Whatever size of home, or number of occupants, the eVOLUTION water softener range provides dramatic savings in both salt and regeneration water use.

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What are Eco Water Softeners?

If you live in a hard water area, you’ll know it because of the lime-scale deposits that are left behind – just look inside your kettle! A water softener extracts the hard minerals from hard water. It is ideally plumbed close to your incoming mains water and when you use water it passes through the softener, which provides truly softened water. It is the most widely used domestic filtration system in the UK, and incredibly reliable.

The running costs of your softener is the salt and water that is used in the softener’s self-cleaning process (regeneration). Periodically the softener flushes to drain the hard minerals it has collected, leaving it refreshed and ready to make more soft water.

EcoWater softeners are automatic, high capacity units. There is nothing you need to do but ensure there is tablet salt in the softener. And because our units are smart and high capacity, they will be regenerating a lot less than other models, which means longer life and costs savings.

Evolution Water Softeners

Evolution Water Softeners are up to 50% cheaper to run compared to a basic block salt softener.

eVOLUTION water softeners are manufactured by EcoWater using 95% of our own components in our ISO9001 controlled, state-of-the-art facilities.

An eVOLUTION water softener is totally automatic. It will adapt to your water usage and provide soft water on demand. All you need to do is occasionally add tablet salt (used for its self-cleaning process).

Eco Water Softener Range

Some of the more popular Eco Water Softeners are shown below.

Dualflo block-salt water softener

Compact Water Softeners

eVOLUTION Compact water softeners are designed for the family home when space is at a premium.


The EcoWater Compact Series Water Softening System is a compact single tank “cabinet” style softener, making it a reliable and convenient system for your home.

Features of the Compact Series water softener:

  • HydroLink Plus® Wi-Fi and Smartphone App Monitoring
  • HydroLink Plus® – Wi-Fi enabled technology sends continuous and excessive water use, system error, low salt and service reminder alerts, including a water-to-drain sensing alert notifying you when an excessive amount of water is going to drain.
  • Water Meter – Allowing for chemical feed dosing, flow switch operation and water use information.
  • Patented Electronics Digital Demand Module – Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use electronics capture historical usage patterns to predict future needs for precise regenerations.
  • High Quality Fit and Finish, Models 100 & 200 with Transparent Covers, Model 300 with Dampened Hinge Salt Cover
  • Multi-Wrap Fiberglass Reinforced Resin Tank – Durable tank liner will not deteriorate, rust, or corrode.
  • Full One-Inch Riser with Self-Cleaning Distributors – One-inch diameter for increased flow rates, which ensures that household demand is adequately met. Distributors exhibit excellent flow rates and are cleaned automatically by counter-current water pressure.
  • Patented Stratified Resin Bed – Layered mix of fine and standard size resin provides superior filtration and iron removal without sacrificing flow rate capability.
  • Washed Quartz Underbedding – Helps provide a cleaner, more thorough regeneration of the resin.
  • Positive-Action Brine Valve – Snap-together construction eliminates use of solvents that may contaminate water. Positive action helps prevent overfilling.
  • Automatic Salt-Level Detection – Simply add salt, no salt level setting required. Our integrated sensor will detect the salt level and alert you when the salt level is low.

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