a very compact, practical design


The Dualflo Water Softener is a compact, economical and reliable softener system that is suitable for use with home mains or water storage tanks. Introducing this Dualflo Softener into your home will convert your flow of hard water into a stream of beautiful, softened water that brings immediate benefits all over your home.

Why Choose the Dualflo Softener?

This softener is the most economical in our range due to being a non-electric system. The Dualflo removes excess minerals from the hard water usually being pumped into your home by passing it through a bed of resin crystal beads inside the unit. This captures limescale and minerals by an ionising process. Over time these beads deteriorate, but simply flushing through a salt water solution will re-energise them and restore the quality of your softened water. This softener has a more efficient operation than other conventional models and makes it one of the star performers on the market.

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